Thursday, November 12, 2009

TGATG Drum Recording Session

Well as I stated before, I have moved to drums for The Ghost And The Grace. Due to the switch, we're figuring out the live situation. Doesn't mean that we're twiddling our thumbs. Drew Fitchette and Sarah Jerns are keeping their own bands alive and well in Rooftops and Pan Pan. Both bands have great shows coming up. Pan Pan will be opening for The Books on November 21st. So mark your calendar cause that show is going to be great.

This past weekend I went into the Bayside recording studio in Bellingham to record drum tracks for a Christmas album Daniel is releasing for The Ghost And The Grace. But most of the tracking was for the upcoming full length that is in the works.
The first day I spent 12 exhausting hours in the studio and we still needed another day to finish the takes. The second day we spent about 7 hours but we got 10 songs done. All with multiple takes and including one "Keith Moon take" for most of the songs. These entailed that I play along to the song as normal but also to have no fear of playing a ridiculous amount of fills and flash like Keith Moon of The Who. It definitely worked well for the most part and channeled a difference in my creativity.

So 10 songs down and 8 more to go. I'll be updating once I get those songs finished. But for now, enjoy this video of highlights of the two days of drum tracking.

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