Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Guitar Project

So being in this band not only has been a lot of fun but I've learned so much about the guitar. I used to not like it all that much - or was rather indifferent about it. Lately it takes up a lot of my thoughts during the day. I have a Mexican Telecaster Custom which you if you know anything about guitars that's enough to say. But if you don't, then it's a middle class guitar good for practicing and for someone growing up to the next steps of being a guitarist. I already feel growing out of it. What I mean is that the quality of the guitar isn't cutting it anymore. To the extent where I am getting a little embarrassed about it when after a rehearsing a song, my band mates sometimes say something like: 'that was good but someone was out of tune a little...' It's almost always me.

After doing a lot of reading, talking to my dad (an amazing lifetime guitar player) and watching various youtube videos, I've learned what can improve the quality and how to make solid improvements by getting some upgraded parts on the guitar itself. So I've ordered a new bridge and new tuners to get the guitar in tune with it's self all the time. I went about as high quality you can go with these improvements and I've also gone for a very visually appealing makeover as well. Mostly black with white accents. I haven't gotten all the improvements yet but so far it's been looking good. I'll posting some pics as it comes along. But for now here is a stock picture of what the original guitar looks like. Mine looked the exact same.

I also ordered two pedals. A tuner pedal...I mean I had to if I've got two shows coming up next month. Also the pedal that I posted a video of a few posts back called the Super Duper 2 in 1. That is gonna totally transform my sound and I can't wait to get it next week and try it out. So here is a pic of my guitar before any modifications.

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