Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Duper 2 in 1

I hate not having a computer, it makes it very difficult to add on here. The saving for an iMac is still going strong and I'm getting some things together. So close I can taste it. I don't think anyone reads this yet anyway. :) But soon it'll be all good.

Ghost and the Grace practices have been going remarkably well. I mean it should cause we kinda have an all star Bellingham band. Hand picked so to speak. But it's really awesome playing guitar and being confident with my playing. Oh and Daniel has his album all done and has copies available. You get yourself over to The Ghost and the Grace web site and order a copy. Or at least listen to the songs he has posted. It's quite and album if I may so myself.

So I've been looking around to see what could really make my guitar sound like audible orgasms. While pondering the options I remembered back in the Euphoric days, Leif would hit this pedal from time to time and it just made all of his other pedals sound like shit. I remembered it for that and the name. It was called the "Super Hard On", which I think is hilarious and fairly appropriate considering it made his sound so amazingly bold and tasty. So with that I dared to Google 'Super Hard On' which I know, was a dangerous thing to Google. I almost set the parental settings to strict but... I didn't. Instead I put 'pedal' after it and it seemed to do the trick. Anyway, where I am getting to is that I found in my opinion, the god of guitar pedals at There are so many amazing pedals that I'll probably eventually get but first, there is a new version of the above mentioned pedal called the "Super Duper 2 in 1". Anyway, it's on the list and it will be mine fairly soon. Yes. Enjoy.

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