Thursday, July 30, 2009

iMacs = A mansion of doorways...

Hey so very exciting news! I've got my computer now and it's more then I could of dreamed. The last couple days we've been getting to know each other and it's gonna be a good relationship.

With that HUGE event out of the way, I now have a professional tool to get many doors open for me. So...what this means is that I'll be able to actually start doing the things I dream. Including, as I had said earlier, this blog; which will be focused on the arts. Both on mine and other artists.

I've been doing some experimentation with imovie and I found a new thing I love to do. It's fun to put it things together with that program. As promised, I am going to posting the review of Behold! A Pale Horse by The Ghost and the Grace. It's turning out more in depth and a much higher quality than I originally planned, which keeps putting off the release of it but it's gonna be well worth it. So within a couple few days it's be up! Talk to you soon!

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