Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Beginning

I have to say how excited I am to get this all up and running! I have made the push to make music my first responsibility for a source of well being and well...income. I know the doubts and the realities. But this blog will help with all that.

Currently I am writing songs for a band I am in the midst of creating. As far as the layout and name of the group and overall premise of it I am not ready to release it yet. It's been a project that I've had in mind for sometime and I'm just getting some of the bigger pieces out of the way. This is new for me in the sense of switching up the instrumentation of what I am playing. I've always played drums in Euphoric and then Pastiche but this time I'll be taking on the guitar and voice. Like getting confident with any new instrument, it's been quite the struggle. I've always been self sufficient learning a new instrument but I was really hitting some frustrating walls with playing and singing as well as writing songs that I would be proud to show. So a couple months ago I did what so many of us do these days... I hit up Craigslist. Now through experience I know the Bellingham Craigslist can be pretty lame but I mean come on, I'm still gonna look. I looked in the music section and it seemed to know I was looking that day cause I saw an ad that said:

Guitar Lessons From Major Label Musician (Bellingham)

Hmm... reading the ad really intrigued me and the person writing it was one of the two members from Idiot Pilot. Which as some of you know is one of the few bands coming from Bellingham that have gone far with their music. Anyway, long story short I met up with Daniel Anderson the following week and I've been seeing him since. He has really broken my shell so to speak in song writing. Daniel has helped me shape and focus my writing and it is continuing to blossom. Stoked to share it in the near future with you all!

The second point I was getting to with this is that he's asked me play in his solo project The Ghost and the Grace. I'll be playing guitar which so fantastic! So far we've had two practices and it's getting better. More on that to come soon. You can get more official news on the Ghost and the Grace by clicking on the above link. His album, Behold! A Pale Horse is really amazing and soon I'll be posting a review of the album so you can see what I mean. You can listen to some of his complete tracks on there and if you like it, purchase a copy! Well fantastic, that's it for now, check back soon for the review of Behold! A Pale Horse and other fine things.

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