Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Waves

One of the great things about meeting/living/knowing great musicians is that you never who you're going to meet.  A few weeks ago I stumbled out of my room from a quick afternoon nap when I heard voices in my living room.  It was Sarah my roommate and three strangers to me that happened to be the majority of the band Great Waves.  At this point their name and music was alien to me but we all hung out and walked to New York Pizza in Bellingham.  They drove up from Issaquah to meet with Sarah and discuss some of their new songs that they were putting together for their upcoming EP that they're going to record this month.  In case you're not up on local music, Great Waves won first place in the EMP Sound Off this year.  This was all news to me to me.

After pizza, we all sat and down in our music room and played some of the songs they working on.  The thing that stuck out to me was the alternate tunings that Will Holmes used on his guitar.  I use alternate tunings as well so naturally I was intrigued by Will's methods as he's a very great guitar player.  The next thing that appealed to me was the vocal style of Ashley Bullock.  Her style to me, has hints of Jonsi from Sigur Ros who is one of my favorite singers.  She has an amazing way of pulling out very flavorful notes and melodies within the song that aren't immediately noticeable.  I couldn't help but wonder who these nice and very talented people were.

When they left I pulled up their Band Camp site and listened to their songs and it was very impressed with the quality of the songwriting and the production.  They have released two EP's from a professional studio and are working on a third one to come out before their Bumbershoot show on September 4th.  I also learned that they are playing in the slot right before Idiot Pilot that day.  So it'll be really cool to play such a fantastic show with them.  Without further adieu, here is a live video from their winning EMP set and a link to their Band Camp site to which you can not only listen to their songs in full, but also download them and your own price.  I have been playing their two releases almost everyday and I really have been enjoying it.  I encourage you to please donate to this fantastic band.  Enjoy!

<a href="">Sleepers by Great Waves</a>

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